Dive Sites

Carey Dive Center on Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres offers a wide range of dive sites to suit everyone from beginner to experienced divers. With shallow reefs, deep wrecks and drift dives, Carey Dive Center can tailor your dive schedule to take in a variety of different dive spots. Here’s a guide to all the dive sites and the underwater sea life you will be able to see there.

The marine life around Isla Mujeres is very rich – especially on shallow dives. When going on a reef dive you will be very likely to see: Anemone, Angelfish, Blue Striped Grunt, Blue Tang, Butterfly Fish, Christmas Tree Worm, Conch, Cowfish, Filefish, Grouper, Hard Coral (Brain Coral, Star Coral, Elkhorn Coral, Staghorn Coral), Parrotfish, Porcupine Fish, Pork Fish, Soft Coral (Sea Plume, Sea Rod, Sea Fan), Spiny Lobster, Sponge, Star Fish, Yellowtail Snapper.

Dive Sites Around Isla Mujeres (Map)

LocationDepthBoat RideSpecialtySea Life
ATLANTIS30′(10m)10 minreefbarracuda, sea turtle, shark
BANDERAS40′(12m)15 minreef, drift divebarracuda, scorpionfish sea turtle, shark, spotted moray
DORMITORIO40′(12m)10 minreef, arches, caveswall corals, scorpionfish
MANCHONES40′(12m)10 minreefbarracuda, sea turtle, shark
MEDIA LUNA40′(12m)10 minreefspotted moray, stingray
PUENTES Y PAILAS40′(12m)10 minreef, arches, tunnelsshark, stingray, spotted moray
PUNTA SUR60′(17m)15 mindrift divedolphins, giant sea turtle
CHAIREL89′(27m)35 minwreckbarracuda
CUEVAS DE AFUERA52′(16m)23 minreef, wall divemoray, reef shark
GUNBOAT C-5570′(21m)25 minwreckbarracuda, eagle ray
GUNBOAT C-58100′(30m)25 minwreckbarracuda, eagle ray, grouper
NO NAME52′(16m)20 minreef, wall divereef shark
PIEDRA ATRAVESADA70′(21m)30 minreef, drift diveeagle ray, reef shark
PUNTA NEGRA70′(21m)23 minreef, drift diveeagle ray, reef shark, stingray
SLEEPING SHARK CAVE70′(21m)30 minreef, drift divebarracuda, bermuda chop, reef shark
EL TUNNEL57′(17m)20 minreef, drift divebarracuda, green moray, reef shark
ULTRA FREEZE96′(29m)35 minwreckbarracuda, grouper